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So as we add bumpers, sliders, winches, roof racks, tents, fridges, etc, our rigs get SLUGGISH. You barely feel it as we add each part one by one and drive it but if you ever drive a stock version of your Rig as I just did, you start to miss the initial power it used to have. Whats the fix? As I [...]

Here's what we know... TE37XT - Full Rays ForgedWeight - 18lbsSize - 17x8.5 -10 6x139Colors - Blast Black, Matte Red, Bronze, Mag Blue, Diamond Dark Gunmetal, Dash White, Matte Blue Gunmetal, GoldArrival Date - January 2020Price - MSRP - $794.00 per wheelThe very long anticipated wait of [...]