Pedal Commander! Worth it?

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So as we add bumpers, sliders, winches, roof racks, tents, fridges, etc, our rigs get SLUGGISH. You barely feel it as we add each part one by one and drive it but if you ever drive a stock version of your Rig as I just did, you start to miss the initial power it used to have. Whats the fix? As I check out company to company in my mission to provide the best parts for every rig, I ran into this Pedal Commander. You’ll see a lot of comments from users all over the internet from a variety of vehicles. Personally on my 4runner, its amazing! It tweeks the reaction of your gas pedal when you press it. Simple installation and many different options for you to play with. My choice is sport + mode. Feels supercharged even with all the weight on the vehicle!

Increase throttle response
Simple plug and play
Different programmable levels to cater exactly to what you want

Price $299.00 shipped.

I highly recommend it. If you did buy this from us and are having issues with the commander such as check engine light or any lights on the dash, please call us at the shop so we can give you tips on how to correct your problem. That’s what we’re here for. Watch this Video for more information and a full review of this product by BustabeatGeorge.