Price Match or Beat Guarantee!

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Rays, Weds, Work, Baja Designs, King, Icon and more!

We’re noticing an increasing trend of customers not getting what they bargained for with a cheaper price from a no name shop or even worse, someone running a “business” from garage. We’ve been told horror stories of used, damaged, and defect products being sent to customers and some lose thousands. We’re here to end all of that. We’re releasing our price match guarantee (or possibly beat) to do 2 things. One is to protect our fellow car and truck enthusiasts and ensure you get what you pay for. Two is to shut down these sellers or even scammers and get them out the industry for good. We all work hard for our money and should get what we pay for all of the time. As official distributors for Rays, Weds, Work wheels, Baja Designs, King Shocks and Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Seibon and more, we work hard directly with these companies to get them feedback, assist in warranties, create new products and make sure their products are of the best quality before they get to the consumer. Here are some easy steps to get price matched prices:

Send us a link to a website, listing or post of the product you’re looking for with the price stated. Please make sure the final price is displayed including Sales Tax and shipping costs to your zip code.

Ensure that the seller has it in stock. We will verify this as well.

Please be specific and make sure all sizes, specs, colors and part numbers match.

DM us this info on @showstoppersoffroad on instagram or email it to us to and our price match specialists will get on it immediately.

We have been around for 21 years to date and plan on sticking around for a lot more! We have 4 storefronts nationwide, a secure website and verified social networking accounts. Trust us to get you your parts, we won’t dissapoint. Happy Shopping!