Area BFE Fridge 60 Liter

The ruggedized design of AreaBFE Fridges makes them ideal for the ruff conditions of Overlanding. We recommend them for overlanders, campers, hunters, fisherman,  tailgaters or anyone else that likes to take or freeze food on the go. We haven’t forgotten about the party people as this fridge will take all your beer and jelly shots.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


60lt fridge or freezer with one compartment. Have the fridge set as a freezer or fridge. With about 2.4amp draw running the fridge is designed to keep your goods cold or frozen by using minimal power draw. The fridge also has Normal use and an emergence use for when the battery is low voltage. USB power plug to power a phone in an emergency. Spring-loaded handles that can be easily removed for tight fitments. Dual hinged lid so the fridge can be opened at either end or be totally removed, this is handy when the fridge is mounted close to the car roof.

Length 31 Width 17 Height 17 weight 39.7 volume 60Lt capacity.
You can use the Cig lead to plug into your car’s 12V supply The fridge can also be used with 400W or 500W AreaBFE Battery Box so you can truly go off-grid. When you have access to 110 power you can use the transformer to power the fridge, We designed the fridge to have the transformer external to keep the weight of the fridge down.

The ruggedized design of the 60Lt fridge makes it ideal for the ruff conditions of Overlanding.
We would recommend this fridge for a 3 people, as well as overlanders that like to take or freeze food on the go. Fill it up with frozen goods or have it as a fridge for your perishables. We like to fill it full of beer
Note: For the fridge to get to the desired temperature the start-up amp draw will be greater than the running amp draw once the fridge is at its set temperature.

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