Gram Lights 57 Trans-X 18×9 0 Offset 5×150 Arms Gray


Designed and engineered by Rays Engineering Japan, these Gram Lights wheels not only give the stylish upgrade your truck needs but is also built strong to withstand normal daily driving to extreme off road situations. These wheels are both JWL and JWL-T Certified.


12 in stock (can be backordered)

12 in stock (can be backordered)


The gramLIGHTS 57Transcend incorporates the delta section spoke through RCF spinning technology providing a strong and light weight wheel. This same concept is now available for the Hiace and big 4WD with 6 hole fitments. The delta section spoke design has been updated and refined to further enhance the balance of the 5 and 6 hole design and the larger mass vehicle. RAYS logo machining is placed on the spoke side as an accent to curve the concave line. This action filled sports scene including the D1GP is now bred to the 57Trans-X. The real sports wheel for the Hiace and 4WD.



  • ・Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel (18inch)
    RCF Cast 1pc. Wheel (20inch)
  • ・RAYS original test:JWL & JWL-T Standards
  • ・Color:Dark Bronze/Machining(Z3)
  • ・Included:HB1 Air Valve BK(18/20inch)
  • ・Optional:57JX (6H) Center Cap, RAYS LPS Center Cap

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Weight24 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 11 in


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